Fully Automated Temple Management System By InIT

Our life has gained a great pace these days with the aid of information technology. Even though temple is place for worship, the esteemed trustees and managers like you require each rupee received and paid to be accounted appropriately. Gone are the days of maintaining the financial information in the traditional manual systems which is dependent on one or two persons. Now everyone need information at their finger tips, round the clock and all through the years. Keeping in mind all this we bring to you our latest software, automating vazhipadu, kalavara, room/ hall, fixed assets, accounts and finally provides you the financial statements at the click of a mouse. We assure you that our SOPANAM will automate your routine, recurring and repetitive temple functions with less manpower, time and effort in a speedy, accurate and safe manner. Here are some of the options in our SOPANAM.

Composite Calendar

  • bulletProvides you English, Malayalam and Sanskrit Calendars
  • bulletFestival and Vazhipadu Days highlighted
  • bulletRoom and Hall Bookings highlighted
  • bulletEditable

Vazhipadu Management

  • bulletBookings according to any calendar
  • bulletReminder SMS/ Mail service to the devotees
  • bulletBilling and multiple language printing
  • bulletPrasadam/ Nivedhyam billing is also possible

Kalavara- Stores and Inventory Management

  • bulletAutomatic generation of items required for Vazhipadu (Daily)
  • bulletStores Ledger
  • bulletDamage Report
  • bulletReceivable/ Payable Report

Room/ Hall Management

  • bulletBooking and Billing
  • bulletDefinition of Rooms/ Hall/ Service Charges and its rates
  • bulletBooking/Occupancy Status of any day in future years
  • bulletMarriage Register and Certificate Printing

Fixed Assets Management

  • bulletAll reports at your finger tips
  • bulletDecreases the Service Response Time and thereby ensures customer satisfaction
  • bulletPrompt and Structured organizational functions
  • bulletEfficient Product services

Accounting Package

  • bulletComplete automation of billing and consumption
  • bulletVoucher entry with reduced manual intervention
  • bulletDay Book and General Ledger with real time updation
  • bulletTrial Balance and Financial Statements
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