PDT Interface

Warehouse Management

Presently at production warehouses, the raw materials (RM), semi-finished goods i.e. Work in Progress (WIP) and finished goods (FG) are stored in packed pallets which are kept in the uniquely numbered locations at the warehouse. Each loaded pallet is labeled with the item details. The location where the pallet is kept is noted down in a register. When an item is required, its location is found out from the register and it is picked based on item details.This present system, updating the location on a real time basis would be a tedious job which will be time consuming and involve manual interventions. Hence, the ware houses requires a system where the location data entry takes place at the time of placing the pallets itself and further location changes are updated without delay. This can be achieved through high end technologies like Barcoding, Radio Frequency IDentification System (RFID) etc. which will increase the accuracy, reliability and timely availability of the data. After analyzing the requirements of each warehouse and identifying the risks to which they are exposed to, InIT Solutions recommends the installation of barcodes for warehouse management. Following provides a birds eye view on the recommended barcode system.

Initially each Rack/ Location is to be tagged with a location barcode label which will be same as the current location codes in SAP. Once the material arrives, they are to be labeled with the pallet labels. This printed label will contain a unique barcode and item details like item code, item description, quantity, batch number etc.

When the pallet is placed on a location, the forklift operator reads both the location barcode and the pallet barcode using Barcode Scanner. The read barcode data is to be transmitted to the system simultaneously for the real time data updation. The Barcode Scanner should be rugged and should possess a reasonable scanning range.

The interface software is used to print the barcode and item details fetched from SAP. It also updates the data read by the Barcode Scanner to SAP.

Van sales Automation

Van sales constitute the process of selling the goods from the supply (warehouse) to the demand point (customer) through vans. This process involves not only distribution of goods but also constitutes the core delivery of goods at the point of demand. PDAs are effectively used to automate the whole process from Inventory profiling, capturing Sales Orders, Invoice details input, to capturing collection details, demand-supply equation, etc. PDAs Successfully intergarted with present software/SAP/ERP

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