Inventory Management System By InIT

Getting everything ‘just right’ is exactly what inventory management is all about. Good inventory management is all about having the right amount of product, at the right price, at the right time, and in the right place. InventIT, Our inventory management system provides up to date info on what you have in stock, what’s en route, and what is selling fast. You’ll have all the information you need to spot theft, cut losing products and expand winners, and increase your small business’s profits.

Invent, automate following functions :-

  • bulletOrganize Your Product and Vendor Information
  • bulletCreate and Submit Accurate Purchase Orders
  • bulletReceive Inventory with Speed and Accuracy
  • bulletTag and Label Inventory
  • bulletRecord Your Sales
  • bulletPhysical Inventory Counts Made Easy
  • bulletReconcile Differences
  • bulletBook your daily accounts

The Main features of InventIT :


  • bulletItem, its Type/Category
  • bulletParty, its Type/Category
  • bulletUnits, Price Group, Executives
  • bulletOther Accounting Masters needed


  • bulletUser friendly Masters Creation
  • bulletSales & Purchases ,Goods Dispatch & Receipts, Estimates
  • bulletStock Management with different Units
  • bulletCustomer Loyalty points scheme
  • bulletSpecial Pricing Schemes
  • bulletAccounting Voucher Generation
  • bulletBarcode Printing and Scanning


  • bulletCollection Report, Combined Purchase & Sales report
  • bulletEmpty Box Report , Inactive Report
  • bulletStock Report,Stock Rejection Report
  • bulletIncome Expense Statement, Ledger Book, Trial Balance ,Balance Sheet
  • bulletAll reports are Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Date range
  • bulletCan be Consolidated/Detailed
  • bulletAll the Reports can be generated in Microsoft Excel and PDF.

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Our clients

  • Welcome Stores
    VA Vegetables
    Vasantha Corporation
    Reverie Solar
    RS Vegetables
  • Richlook
    Prabhu Stores
  • Koraman
    Kids Planet
    Cintra Cottons
  • Atharva-Restaurant