Visitor And Vehicle Management System By InIT

Why VizIT

In the modern world, Security has become a major concern for every Government organisation, Public Sectors, Corporate Offices, Defense Establishments, Schools, Residential Complex’s etc. The level of Security needs might differ but effectively Security Management is the need of the day. A visitor who is stranger to the establishment needs a monitoring from the security perspective, to ensure Secure and Reliable Working of the Organisation.

What is VizIT

VizIT is an Complete Automated Visitor And Vehicle Management System Developed By InIT Solutions

VizIT is an unparalleled Visitor Management Software that serve you in automatizing the way in which you welcome your visitors. VizIT allows you to welcome and manage your incoming visitors' whether they are with appointment or not. The VizIT assists in entering all-relevant information about the visitor and a professional quality Visitor Card is printed. No need to register regular visitors again, they are automatically stored in the database and, when visiting again, they will easily be found.

Visitor Management By InIT

With VizIT, visitors all relevant information is captured through Simple User Interface and it is stored in the Database, including visitor's photo, signature, the name of the person visited, the reason for the visit, the entry and exit times. This whole process gets completed in twenty secondsthe visitor is professionally checked in and a high quality visitor badge is printed through system, at the Same time An email/sms notification is Send to the Corresponding Person including the Visitor Photograph and Details.

Features Of VizIT

  • bulletSimple User Interface (Can be operated by without Computer Expertisation)
  • bulletUser Details Can be Captured As less than 20 Seconds
  • bulletVisitor Badge With Details is Generated
  • bulletVisitor Photograph Captured
  • bulletAuto fill for visitor details on revisit
  • bulletVisitor History Management
  • bulletSecure access by means of username & password
  • bulletVisitors Queue maintenance
  • bulletEmail/sms Notification including visitor Photo and Details
  • bulletGenarates Reports
  • bulletSimple Search Functiond

Vehicle Management by InIT

As like Visitors, Vehicles also to be Monitored in an Organisation. With VizIT Vehicle Details are Captured into the System, Includind Registratin Number,Driver License Number,Vehicle photograph and Corresponding Slip is Printed through the System

VizIT also monitors the Materials or Items 'Comes In' And 'Goes Out' in An Organisation. Including Vehicle Weight Mangenent via System.

Feature of Vehicle Mangement by InIT

  • bulletMonitor Vehicles Depents Upon Type
  • bulletCapture Photograph Including Registration
  • bulletMaterials management Made Easy
  • bulletWeight Managemnt
  • bulletDetails Of Driver
  • bulletSimple Search Options
  • bulletGenerate Reports

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